The scab-tolerant early apple variety from South Tyrol has been in the Artevos team since the end of last year: Tramin[S].

The name not only reveals the origin of the apple variety from the well-known South Tyrolean village, but also promises flavors like the Gewürztraminer of the same name: aromatic, spicy, sweet, but at the same time with a noble acidity.

A very robust summer apple that is scab-tolerant (scab-resistance Rvi6) and only slightly susceptible to powdery mildew. The apples ripen about a week before the 'Gala', in the South Tyrolean Underland at the beginning of August, and are characterized by their particularly long shelf life – in the cold storage until Christmas. The round to flat apples are very crunchy, juicy and have a good bite. The basic color is yellow with an attractive, light red striped cheek.



If Artevos GmbH decides to launch a variety – after intensive tests and trials at different locations – Artevos organizes the marketing of the variety – for example by introducing it at trade fairs and specialized conferences, performing field days, articles in magazines, presentations on the Internet, including the necessary design of the corresponding image material.

Take a look behind the scenes of the Tramin[S] photoshoot last autumn:

Are you interested in the new variety?

Then please let us know and we will contact you about a corresponding adaptation of your license agreement or answer your questions. Virus-free propagation material is available in sufficient quantities and can be delivered immediately. We would also be happy to send you the relevant image material for your media. We look forward to your message in any case.


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