IPM 2024

from January 23 to 26

At IPM 2024 in Essen visitors can find out about fruit novelties from Artevos at stand 7D30 in hall 7.


A snack between meals doesn't always have to come from a plastic bag: How about the perfect snack – right on your doorstep – fresh from the tree – uncomplicated, healthy and delicious? Visitors to IPM 2024 will find the snack of that kind at the Artevos GmbH stand 7D30 in hall 7 in the form of three fine stone fruit varieties, which provide them with not just one, but several reasons why they are the ideal snack between meals:

Zwetschgen am Baum der Sorte Joganta


In the second half of September, the Artevos novelty JOGANTA® ripens with oval, huge fruits. Single fruits can even reach a weight of up to 90 grams, making the plum particularly suitable for fresh consumption. The firm, dark yellow, juicy flesh has a high sugar content, which gives this variety a full plum flavor. They are also pleasing to the eye: The fruits are dark blue with a strong frosting. JOGANTA® is also uncomplicated to grow: a hardy variety with a compact habit that makes it very easy to grow.

Mirabellen am Ast der Sorte Miroma


Among the previously small Mirabelle plums, there is finally a large-fruited variety with a strikingly aromatic flavor: MIROMA®. It is significantly larger than the 'Mirabelle von Nancy' and is particularly suitable for fresh consumption and fresh marketing due to its beautiful coloring. Due to its high sugar content (20-30° Brix) and excellent aroma, it is also particularly suitable for distilling. The attractive, yellow, large and round-oval fruits with orange-red cheeks are firm and the flesh separates easily from the stone, which is also an important criterion for an uncomplicated and quick snack for in-between meals. MIROMA® is robust and reliable when it comes to harvesting: the self-fertile variety ensures regular and high yields.

rotfleischiger Pfirsich der Sorte Ellora auf dem Teller, aufgeschnitten


If you are looking for something space-saving for your small garden, ELLORA® is a real snack dream coming reality: practical experience has shown that the red-fleshed columnar peach adapts well to the environmental conditions and also offers regular and high yields. An important snacking characteristic is the firm flesh, which does not melt and dissolves well in the stone, but here too, the eye eats along: the attractive, blood-red, slightly tart fruits are white on the inside – at the stone – with a deep red pigmentation towards the outer skin. The skin is slightly hairy and also pigmented in beautiful shades of red.

From January 23 to 26, 2024, you can find out about these and other fruit innovations at our stand 7D30 in hall 7 at the IPM in Essen.


Verkostung von Früchten am Artevos Messestand auf der IPMIPM-HIGHLIGHT AT THE ARTEVOS-STAND

Tasting with "Live grafting"

On Wednesday, 24.01.2024, the stand event „Live grafting" will take place fromf 10:00 – 16:00 with Georg Schneider. The Fruit-growing expert will present the varieties from the tasting and give cultivation tips.

Interested parties can have their favorites from the variety tasting hand-grafted directly at the Artevos stand.


We look forward to your visit at Artevos stand 7D30 in hall B7 at IPM 2024 in Essen. 

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