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Aprikyra [R] and Aprisali [R]

Aprikyra [R] and Aprisali [R] are interspecific hybrids which combine the shape and color of apricot and plum in the best way, while offering a unique taste that has never existed before.


Due to the special cross the fruit has a very unique taste which is reminiscent of a cherry aroma. This has never happened in this form! The tree grows moderately weak and has a high tolerance to lower temperatures. Aprikyra [R] is also suitable for colder regions. The flowering is medium early, but after apricots. The harvesting is performed in July together with medium-early apricots. The fruits are round, medium-sized, so to say in apricot-sized, dark purple-red colored, with crispy, very juicy red flesh. This variety has high and regular yields and is not particularly sensitive to diseases such as Monilia.

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Aprisali [R] is also a product of crossing plum and apricot, but here the plum taste dominates. Aprisali [R] is a robust variety which is also suitable for colder regions. The tree grows compactly and has low demands on tree management. The flowering period coincides with the flowering period of apricots, after that the fruits can be picked in July. The fruits are large, round and dark red. The fruit flesh is firm, red, juicy and can be easily separated from the stone. This variety has already harvest in the second year and after that regularly. Aprisali [R] is a valuable variety for each collector in his garden due to its robustness, tolerance to Monilia and its fruit properties.

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