Plum lovers beware!

Magnificent plum aromas

Blue Frost [R] and Joganta [R]

It's plum time. Who doesn't fancy a delicious plum cake? But one kind of plum is not the same as the other one. These two varieties impress with their wonderful plum aroma:

Blue Frost [R]

The blue frosted one

On these hot August days, nice refreshment from the Artevos range ripens: Blue Frost [R]. With its blue colour and taste, this summer delicacy attracts all plum lovers who are looking forward to the first plum cake. Blue Frost [R] was created by the crossing of the varieties 'Hanita' and 'Cacaks Schöne'. The fruits are large, uniform in size and shape, and dark blue. The fruit flesh is firm, juicy and has a high sugar content, which makes Blue Frost [R] an excellent baking plum, also because of its good stone separability. The plum aroma with the pleasant sour note offers a full pleasure for all those who like fresh plums. They are also appropriate for transporting and storing. The tree growth is medium-strong with the excellent branching and the tree comes very quickly into the full yield. Blue Frost [R] is a robust and healthy variety which is tolerant to the Sharka virus. But attention: the fruits are completely coloured very early, but they should only be harvested when the fruits can be easily detached from the tree, as the acidity has not yet been degraded. This can take another 2-3 weeks after blue coloring.

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Joganta [R]

Big frosted treasure

In the second half of September, another novelty of Artevos will be ready for harvest: Joganta [R] The fruits are oval, large to very large, the individual fruits can even reach a weight of up to 90 grams. Because of the size of the fruit, this variety is more suitable for fresh consumption than for baking purposes. The fruits are also dark blue with a strong pruinosity. Plum lovers will also acquire the taste here: the solid, dark yellow, juicy fruit flesh has a high sugar content which gives this variety a full plum aroma. Owing to high yields and resistance to the Sharka virus, it is a good choice, both for commercial fruit growers as a premium variety for fresh marketing, as well as for the hobby gardeners because with its characteristics it conquers all producers, traders and consumers.

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