Press Release Fruchtwelt 2020


From 14 till 16 February 2020, the visitors of the Fair Fruchtwelt in Friedrichshafen will be able to discover unique fruit novelties at Artevos booth B1-554. These varieties give visitors the first taste of Artevos varieties:

Sweet cherry Papillon® – the aromatic one

Excellent! This beautiful word is enough to describe the taste of 'Papillon' quite simply. The fruits of the sweet cherry are perfectly aromatic and have an excellent fruit quality. What is particularly interesting about this bicolor variety is the long harvest window which the variety brings with it. 'Papillon' ripens in the 5th cherry week.

Sweet cherry Irena(s) – – the heart-shaped one

'Irena' is characterized by large, heart-shaped fruits with beautiful shine and conspicuously smooth fruit peel. This sweet cherry has a late flowering and ripening period and shines not only externally on the fruit, but also internally through its fruity aroma with a balanced sugar-acid ratio. And best of all: 'Irena' is ideally suited as a pollinator of the variety 'Regina' and can be harvested together with it through the almost identical ripening time window as well as the fruit quality.


Artevos GmbH presents itself online in a new look: from 2020 the content of the webpage will be adapted taking into consideration of the interests of specific target groups, i.e. commercial fruit growers and private gardeners who are now able to receive the more detailed information about the varieties. The layout of the website will be renewed in order to bring it up to a modern and up-to-date state. A new structure and advanced features will optimize the usability of the website.

From the end of January 2020, the new website will go online under The visitors of the fair Fruchtwelt will have an opportunity to test the new website at Artevos booth.


We are looking forward to your visit of ARTEVOS Stand B1-554 on the fair Fruchtwelt Bodensee – starting from 14. till 16.02.2020 IN FRIEDRICHSHAFEN – Baden-Württemberg!

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