SOFT SHELL, HARD CORE: Fruit novelties on the Fair IPM 2020

From 28. till 31. January, 2020 the visitors of the Fair IPM in Essen have an opportunity to get acquainted with the fruit novelties of Artevos at the booth 7D30. The indicated below variety will help the visitors to get their first impression of the novelties:

Papersky – Have you ever cracked an almond by hand?

'Papersky' is a unique almond which can be cracked by hand! It is a robust and producing high yield almond variety which has medium-sized, sweet and pleasant-tasting cores packed in a very thin, easy-to-break shell. The early blossoming period with numerous white flowers with pink-red center delights not only our senses, but also those of the already flying bees. On protected locations with permeable soil, 'Papersky' is winter-hardy and robust.



Did you know? Artevos got the mentioned above awards in the following categories:

– COLUMNAR APPLES ('Rhapsodie', 'Rondo', 'Sonate', 'Lopini')

COLUMNAR FRUIT WITHOUT APPLES (Nectarine 'Alice Col', Cherry 'Jachim', Pear 'Obelisk', Plum 'Columnar')

– DWARF FRUIT (Dwarf plum 'Blue Dust', dwarf apple 'Pidi', dwarf apricot 'Compacta')

BERRIES (Black currant 'Genoir', red currant 'Gerouge')

– ASSORTMENT FOR PRIVATE GARDEN (Sweet cherry 'Swing', Apricot 'Kuresia', Mirabelle 'Miroma', Plum 'Haroma', Peach 'Fruteria', Almond 'Papersky')


At Artevos booth on the Fair IPM 2020 the visitors can get all the information about these varieties.



Artevos GmbH will present itself online in a new look. The layout of the website will be renewed in order to bring it up to a modern and up-to-date state. A new structure and advanced features will optimize the usability of the website. This will increase the length of time the users spend on the web page. The content will also be adapted taking into consideration the demands of the target groups in order to make the use of the website more effective and efficient.

Starting from the end of January the new website will be available online under The visitors of IPM will have an opportunity to test the new website at the Artevos booth.


We are looking forward to your visit of ARTEVOS booth 7D30 on the Fair IPM from 28. till 31.01.2020 IN ESSEN, NORDRHEIN-WESTFALEN!

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