Recipe: Apple Bread

Apple pastries in a different way!


The apple harvest is over and you are still looking for a delicious recipe for the little fruits? As an alternative to the typical apple pie, we have a delicious apple bread for you this time. Here's how it works:


IMPORTANT for preparation: The apples must bathe in sugar and rum for one night before the big baking process can begin!



Ingredients for preparation:

400 g baking apples, for instance, variety Pinova

125 g brown sugar

2 tbsp rum


Peel the apples, remove the kernel and cut the slices into small cubes. Mix the apples, brown sugar and rum in a bowl and leave this mixture overnight.



Ingredients for preparation:

75 g Speculatius

250 g flour, e.B. spelt flour

1 packet baking powder

½ packet of vanilla sugar

1 tsp cinnamon

½ tsp clove powder

125 g chopped hazelnuts

Also: 1 bakery mold & 1 baking paper


Preheat the oven up to 150°C. Cover the bakery mold with baking paper. Sift the flour into a bowl. Grind the speculatius and put into a bowl together with the baking powder, vanilla sugar, cinnamon, clove powder and chopped hazelnuts. Now add the "apple juice" that was prepared overnight and knead the whole mixture with your hand until a nice dough forms. Then add the apple pieces and mix again until the apples have spread evenly in the mass.

Spread the dough evenly in the bakery mold with baking paper and bake at 150°C for about 1.5 hours until the desired brown color is reached.

Our tip:

To make the apple bread nicely juicy use the apple variety Pinova[S] as a baking apple.



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