Curry fans beware, you'll love this curry!


Apple and pineapple play the main role here. They give this recipe the particularly tasty fruit note in the curry. The recipe is simple, fast cooked and super flexible as it can also be prepared as a vegetarian or vegan version. Here's how it works:



(for 4 people)

400 g chicken breast or alternatively smoked tofu

2 tbsp rapeseed oil

1 onion

2 cloves garlic

1 tsp curry powder

6 g ginger root

1 pinch chilli flakes

200 ml apple juice

1 medium Karneval[S] apple

½ fresh pineapple

200 ml coconut milk

1 tsp poultry brew powder or alternatively vegetable brew powder

Salt and pepper


320 g rice




Cut the chicken breast into small strips and salt a little. Then heat the rapeseed oil in the pan, fry chicken breast strips in it till they are crispy and remove them.

Cook rice according to instructions.

Toss the onion and cut the garlic into fine slices, peel the apple, remove the kernel, peel pineapple as well and remove the core in the middle, roughly dice both. Then soak the onion and garlic in the pan. Add the curry powder, ginger and chilli flakes and wipe with the apple juice. Add the brewed powder, apple and pineapple pieces. Bring to the boil, add the coconut milk and slowly stir the mixture. Cook a little, stirring, until the sauce becomes thick. In case if it is needed, thicken with cornflour until the desired viscosity is reached.

Add the meat or alternatively the smoked tofu to the sauce and mix. Serve with rice and sauce. Sprinkle finely chopped coriander over it.


To make the curry beautifully fruity use a crispy apple of the variety Karneval[S] and a directly squeezed apple juice for this recipe.


We wish you a lot of fun while cooking and enjoy your meal!


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