This is so delicious!


Whether on the butter roll, in dessert or as a topping in yoghurt. In sour cherry jam we could literally "lie down"! With this recipe you process self-picked sour cherries from the garden as if by magic to a wonderful fruit paste. Here's how it works::



(for 4 x 300 ml jars)


1 kg Turmalin[S] sour cherries

½ tsp lemon juice

2 vanilla pods

400 g gelling sugar(2:1)



Rinse the jars with the lids thoroughly and boil in a water bath for about 10 minutes so that they sterilize. Put a small plate in the freezer.

With a puree stick, "puree" the mass a little, but not everything, so that small pieces remain in the fruit spread. Cut open the vanilla pods lengthwise and "scratch" the vanilla pulp from the vanilla pods and stir in.


Gelling probe:

Take the small plate out of the freezer and put some jam on it, it becomes firm, the gelling probe is passed and the fruit spread has reached the right consistency. If it is still liquid, then let the jam cook a little longer and repeat the gelling probe.


Filling the jars:

Then fill the mass into the prepared jars and close with the lid. Plunge the glasses on the head and let cool for about 20 minutes, then turn around and let cool completely.


Our tip:

If you mix the fruits 3/4 sour cherries of the variety Turmalin[S] with 1/4 apricots of the variety Kuresia[S] , then the fruit spread becomes beautifully velvety. Give it a try!


Enjoy your meal!


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