The sweet cherries season begins!

Our variety selection

For producers who want to start the sweet cherries season as early as possible and / or expand their producing areas with the small fruits, we have exactly the right varieties on offer. Here is our selection for the first half of the sweet cherries season:


Narana(s) is an early variety which ripens a few days before or together with 'Burlat'. It has regular and high yields, good growth with very good branching and can be perfectly formed as a spindle. Due to the fruit size (27 mm), the sugar content and the taste, Narana(s) is a very good choice for direct marketers who want to offer their customers a great early cherry.

Zur Sortenbeschreibung Narana(s)


This variety meets all the requirements of modern production. The tree grows weak to medium strong and is suitable for all production systems. The flowering time is medium-late. The very large fruits with a diameter of 28-33 mm (9-13g) are ready for picking from the 4th cherry week, about 10-12 days after 'Burlat'. The fruits are bright red and kidney-shaped. They have a solid, dark red flesh, are very juicy with a long stem and have a large stone compliant with the fruit size. The experience during harvesting period confirms a great picking capacity of this variety, which is also excellent for machine sorting and can be transported well. However, the fruits tend to burst during rainfall, but only during the very short window of coloring from yellow to red.

Zur Sortenbeschreibung Carmen(s)

Early Korvik(s)

Early Korvik(s) is another variety in the group which ripens in the 4th cherry week about two weeks after 'Burlat'. The growth is weak to medium strong. The trees are only medium-sized with quite branched crowns. Early Korvik(s) is a very robust variety with a high tolerance to the fungal disease Monilia. The variety has an average flowering time and is a good pollinator for many varieties. The fruits are heart-shaped with a pronounced nib, a long stem and are very large (28-30mm). The shell color is dark to even black-red. The fruit flesh is medium-firm, juicy and also dark red with colouring juice. In terms of taste, 'Early Korvik(s) is a delight for every sweet cherry lover due to its sweetness with wine aroma. Due to regular and high yields, low space sensitivity, a long harvest window and an even ripening time, this variety is an inevitable recommendation for any producer!

Zur Sortenbeschreibung Early Korvik(s)


This variety also ripens in the middle harvest window of the cherry weeks and is a good choice due to the high-quality, firm and tasty fruits.
The tree grows moderately with good branching and blooms early. The sweet-tasting, very aromatic fruits are attractive, medium to large, brown-red to black colored, with medium-long stem and have a very solid fruit flesh with high juiciness. Due to its great fruit properties, general robustness and long harvest window, this variety fits perfectly into the assortment of every orchard.

Zur Sortenbeschreibung Vanda(s)

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