The sweet cherries season begins!

A true natural diamond that doesn't need to be cut – Swing®

Finally, the cherry season begins! Summer is just getting started and the red gemstones can already be seen in our gardens. This candy for the eye makes cherry-loving hearts beat faster, because everyone knows that the harvest season begins.

Swing® – the natural diamond among the sweet cherries

As the name suggests, this variety with its characteristics brings a new dynamism and enthusiasm to every garden! The early variety is one of the few varieties that is self-fertile and therefore does not require an additional cherry tree for fertilization. In addition, its large heart-shaped and dark red fruits (approx. 28 mm) have a sophisticated, sweet aroma. The high sugar content and the juiciness, together with the excellent appearance of the fruit are a pleasure for all the senses. The trees grow moderately, branch very well, are easy to form, whereby the fertility of the trees is regular.

But that's not all!

Due to the early ripening period, less than a week after 'Burlat', the cherry fruit flies usually do not find the fruit interesting. This finally makes the dream of worm-free cherry enjoyment come true! The possibility to plant the trees on weak-growing rootstocks gives an opportunity to make even the smallest garden shine.

Click here for the variety description.

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