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    Weitere laden…

    Cookies ready, steady, go!

    In the Christmas bakery there are a lot of tasty specialties and we prepared the delicious apple cookies for you! The recipe is simple, the cookies are quickly baked and very delicious! Here’s how it works:


    A fruity soup!

    Those who like pumpkin soup will love this recipe, because the ripe pears give this soup a wonderful fruitiness. Here’s how it works:

  • Recipe: Apple Bread

    Apple pastries in a different way!

    The apple harvest is over and you are still looking for a delicious recipe for the little fruits? As an alternative to the typical apple pie, we have a delicious apple bread for you this time. Here’s how it works:

  • Recipe: Apple Crumble Pie


    What distinguishes a crumble pie? No pie bottom and lots of sprinkles! Here’s how it works:

  • Fruit novelties

    Fruit novelties

    New fruits are finding more and more lovers. Sabine Fey, Managing Director of Artevos GmbH, reveals exactly what fruit innovations are and which advantages they offer.

  • Recipe: Luscious Plum Cake

    Recipe: Luscious Plum Cake

    The plum time has begun. Who wants a plum cake?

  • Plum lovers beware!

    Plum lovers beware!

    It’s plum time. Who doesn’t fancy a delicious plum cake? But one kind of plum is not the same as the other one. These two varieties impress with their wonderful plum aroma:

  • Novelties with innovative taste

    Novelties with innovative taste

    Aprikyra [R]  and Aprisali [R]  are interspecific hybrids which combine the shape and color of apricot and plum in the best way, while offering a unique taste that has never existed before.


    The season of berries has started…

    Our fruit novelties shine not only because of their peel, but above all because of their properties. Just in time for the start of the season we would like to present you two excellent varieties of berries.

  • The sweet cherries season begins!

    A true natural diamond that doesn’t need to be cut – Swing®

    Finally, the cherry season begins! Summer is just getting started and the red gemstones can already be seen in our gardens.